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About noise insulation


About soundproofing

One of the most noticeable differences between premium and low-cost cars is noise levels. If, after riding in the first one, immediately ride in the second, difference is obvious. Moreover, if the noise and hum can still be endured for a few minutes, then with frequent using of the car and when traveling long distances, the noise turns into an annoying factor number 1.


Car soundproofing or how noise affects human health

Audiology is the science that deals with noise and its impact on human health. According to the forecasts of recent studies, their consequences can be very dire. Constant loud noise can destroy human health.


What is soundproofing?

Car soundproofing is a complex of technological processes aimed at reducing the noise level in the car. Soundproofing is one of the components of car tuning. Improved passive safety and anti-corrosion properties are pleasant bonuses from soundproofing.


How do we conquer noise

People have been looking for a way to get rid of the noise of a vehicle from the very beginning of the automobile invention. Of course, someone likes it when those who are not driving pay attention to the roar of its engine, but when in the cabin you can talk quietly with the passenger and enjoy good music, it is much more pleasant. The trip becomes a pleasant and even soothing pastime when nothing creaks and noise does not annoy in the car.


Overview of new products in the Smartmat range

Among the Smartmat materials, we recommend using the popular classic combination: vibro-damper Favorite series + noise absorber Comfort series; and for rood and doors - Favorite + Corrector. Our website describes in detail the soundproofing process for each area of the car.

Calculation of material consumption